If you wish to replace cow's milk, the options are infinite : almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, cashew milk, oat milk, and so many more. It could be tempting to buy them ready-made at the supermarket, but did you know you just as easily make them at home? It allows you, for example, to control the amount of sugar that goes in, and to add fun flavours. Here are 6 nut-based milk recipes you can make yourself - enjoy!

1. Matcha almond milkMatcha almond milk

2. Maple and cardamom cashew milkMaple and cardamom cashew milk

3. Chocolate almond milkChocolate almond milk

4. Raw unsweetened brazil nut and pumpkin seed milkRaw unsweetened brazil nut and pumpkin seed milk

5. Raw cacao hemp milkRaw cacao hemp milk

6. Almond espresso milkAlmond espresso milk