Going camping? Still want to enjoy healthy and delicious food? Follow these easy hacks and impress your friends!



Cooking the best vegan meals while camping starts with a little planning. Before leaving make a list of meals you would like to cook during your camping trip. Use that list to go grocery shopping for the right foods. When shopping, prioritize dry goods (pasta, rice, couscous, dried mushrooms, nuts, trail mix), canned goods (legumes, lentils, green peas, corn), jarred goods (antipasto vegetables, mushrooms, pesto, tomato sauce) and tough vegetables (carrot, broccoli, kale, bell pepper, apple, orange).



Spend less time cooking and more time enjoying the great outdoors by doing a little meal prep before leaving. Chop carrots/celery sticks and keep them in jars with water for a crunchy snack, a side to a sandwich or to add to a recipe. Make this walnut vegan parmesan. Chop the broccoli, kale, cabbage to easily incorporate to salads or to this camping-style primavera pasta. Prepare pesto or hummus. Roast some nuts. Prepare pancake mix and store it into a reused ketchup bottle to pour it easily into your pan for a fancy camping breakfast. Prepare your own spice mix (e.g., taco spice) to avoid carrying too many spices. The possibilities are almost endless and you should do as little or as much as you desire. It is all about having fun!



This tip is the most valuable for camping logistics: Prepare individual bags to store the non-refrigerated items you will need for each meal. It will save you so much time looking for things among all your camping equipment and you will easily keep track of what meal options you have left. For example, for gnocchi night, pack a bag with gnocchi, tomato sauce, Italian spice mix and onion. When you will decide to have this meal, just take out the gnocchi meal bag, add the other items you have in your cooler (carrot/celery sticks, vegan cheese), pick the most beautiful set up and get cooking. I also did an “essentials bag” (olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder), a “dessert bag” and a “breakfast bag”, so convenient!



Another tip to keep organized during your camping trip is labelling your food right. I added labels on top of all my jars with a chalk pen, then stored them in a big cardboard box. It made everything very easy to find and accessible.




Enjoy the fruits of all your efforts from tips 1 to 4, impress your friends and treat yourself with outstanding vegan recipes. My last recommendations would be to take a few extra minutes to find THE perfect scenery for your meal, and not to be scared to cook on a campfire. With the right equipment (portable grill, cast-iron skillet, heat-resistant glove), camp cooking is actually pretty easy. You can even try cooking a full meal on a camp fire, like these walnut-lentil tacos as a main dish and these apple pies as a dessert. Trust me, you will not miss the cheap hot dogs and burgers!


Photo credit : Angèle @Veganmontreal

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Enjoy the outdoors and don’t forget to be creative,


By Angèle


Photo credit : Angèle @Veganmontreal

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