Dear celiacs: all of PRANA’s organic snacks and ingredients are a safe way to indulge and get a boost of goodness with the added bonus of complete peace of mind!

Although nuts and dried fruit are naturally gluten-free, celiacs know that hidden ingredient and traces of gluten are everywhere. For some products, there’s a high risk of cross-contamination that can cause serious health issues.

At PRANA, we’re devoted to your pleasure and well-being. That’s why we decided years ago to have all of our products certified gluten-free by a third-party organization, and maintain rigorous quality assurance standards. More than a logo, this certification is a way for us to make life much easier for celiacs. No need to worry - we’ve got this!

Why obtain the Gluten-Free certification?

The prevalence of celiac disease, an autoimmune disease that leads the body to attack itself, is on a steady rise. In some, even the smallest trace of gluten can cause a strong reaction, and a strict gluten-free diet, the only known cure for the disease, can be restrictive and hard to manage.

We decided to have our products certified by a third-party organization, the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG), in order to make sure that our celiac consumers could eat our products safely. This certification, and the recognizable logo printed on our packaging, is our way to communicate efficiently and easily with celiacs.

PRANA’s mission is to promote a wholesome life through wholesome nourishment - and we know that when hunger strikes, it’s not always easy to find gluten-free options that are also healthy. As far as we’re concerned, organic nuts are far more nutritious than a bag of chips!

Gluten-free snacks

How do we get Gluten-Free certified?

The auditing process is done by a third-party organization, but everything starts with us. We make sure there’s no cross-contamination risk on the supplier’s end. In nut factories, it’s not usually the case, but since we also sell grains like buckwheat and quinoa, we can’t take any chances with factories that also process wheat. In the case of our organic buckwheat, we deal with a very trustworthy supplier that guarantees a 100% gluten-free factory.

Our factory is also audited by the GIG: they check our recipes and perform audits to make sure everything checks out. We also test random samples on incoming raw ingredients, as well as finished products, to ensure full compliance with the GIG standards as well as our own.

We know that sticking to a gluten-free diet is not easy. That’s why we’ve done our part to make your life easier. In a world where gluten-free options aren’t always healthy, we’re happy to provide you with wholesome snacks stamped with a logo you can easily recognize. The gluten-free certification on PRANA snacks and ingredients is our way of helping you indulge freely and safely.