By the time the real hot, humid, and long dog days of summer roll around, any leftover resolutions about eating healthy and keeping up good habits from the New Year may have met a fate like so many leftovers - destined for the trash bin. But just because some healthy habits may have lapsed in favor of endless BBQs and trips out for ice cream doesn’t mean that you can’t finish the summer on a good foot! Keeping things fun is one of the best ways to ensure that you keep up good habits and routines. One of our favorite ways to keep things interesting and fun when it comes to weeknight meals is to make theme nights. And the funnest theme of all? Taco Tuesdays, of course!

tempeh tacosWhile a diet of grilled veggie dogs and corn on the cob isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to our diets, a little variety never hurt anyone, and fortunately, the variations on tacos are nearly endless! Our go-to taco recipe has tempeh and black beans, familiar fixings like avocado and cherry tomatoes, and a classic taco flavor, thanks to a delicious creamy cashew sauce spiked with citrus and cumin. For a more sophisticated take on the time-honored taco, try the crispy smoky tofu and tomato-almond salsa taco. The textures in this recipe are to die for, from the crispiness of the fried tofu to the crunch of the soaked almonds in the salsa.

tofu tacoCrispy Tofu Taco


lentil tacoAlthough salsa is probably the most common taco topping, and it sure is delicious, it’s sour cream that we dream of when building our perfect taco. And the perfect sour cream doesn’t even have cream in it! Soaked cashews make for a deliciously rich and smooth vegan sour cream, while a little bit of lemon juice, garlic, and salt and pepper help to get the flavor just right. That said, season to your taste, and don’t be afraid to mix it up - try adding a chopped canned chipotle for a spicy version! This creamy favorite goes particularly well with our lentil and walnut tacos, which features a hearty lentil-based filling. It’s a recipe you’ll definitely come back to when the weather cools down - although we hope it never will!

Tacos, as we probably all know, are a Mexican classic, but it’d be a mistake to talk about how Taco Tuesdays can bring variety and excitement to your weeknight meals without mentioning a few of our favorite fusion recipes to help mix things up! While cumin is a common seasoning in many Mexican dishes, it’s origin is Egyptian and it often appears in North African and Middle Eastern dishes. Our roasted cauliflower and crispy chickpea tacos have all the fresh, bright flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine, but in a taco!

cauliflower tacoCauliflower and crunchy chickpea tacos

thai tacoTop it with traditional fixings, or try it with some sliced tomatoes, flat-leaf parsley, and our lemon and garlic tahini sauce! Another fun take on fusion tacos? Try Thai! The mix of spicy, sweet, and salty is one heck of a crowd pleaser. Double the amount of marinated tofu in the recipe and toss the leftovers with noodles and chopped peppers for a summery, pad-thai inspired salad. Just one of the many ways Taco Tuesdays can change your whole week for the better - all it takes is one day a week to make sure your meals are as fun as the rest of your summer activities!