3 ways chocolate changes lives

Whoever said chocolate is just a craving? Chocolate changes lives. Seriously! Thanks to the Fairtrade certification initiatives, chocolate helps build communities, protect farmers’ rights, and even educate children.

More than just another stamp on the trendy products list, the Fairtrade certification serves up some serious good-doing across the globe. Just like PRANA’s founding vision, it promotes positive and meaningful changes in our consumer culture and the corporate landscape that feeds it, so you can feel good about indulging in your favourite sweet little treat.

Here are 3 ways fair trade chocolate and other authentic ingredients are changing lives for the better:

1. Fair Pricing

In a high-consumption era overtaken by a profit-driven industry, farmers around the world are struggling to keep up with rising costs of production. Thanks to Fairtrade’s Minimum Pricing, PRANA’s Chocolate Bark gives them a boost of goodness. It guarantees farmers get a fair price for their product, no matter the market fluctuations.

Fair pricing isn’t just about the cost of the increasingly popular cacao bean–it also covers the cost of sustainable production so that farmers don’t have to compromise on quality. It’s an initiative that supports them in dealing with crops threatened by disease and changing weather, and also promotes gender equality and child-free labour.


2. Community Development

Fair trade means more than helping farmers and workers put food on their own tables–it also means improved social, economic and environmental conditions for entire communities. Fair trade initiatives have them covered!

Additional sums called Fairtrade Premiums are placed in communal funds, to be used at the discretion of the farmers and workers to support the specific needs of their communities. That means farmers and workers can choose to invest in education to build schools, in healthcare to establish a clean well program, or in urban development to maintain roads and bridges. These initiatives don’t just help communities survive, they make them thrive!

3. Sustainable Farming

Owned at 50% by farmers and workers, fair trade also gives farmers a voice in a corporate world so that they don’t need to succumb to pressure from big industry players. Small farms have the support they need to hold true to their artisanal techniques that produce fresh and flavourful high quality products.

In addition to helping farmers maintain healthy crops, Fair trade also encourages sustainable farming with premiums for non-GMO and organic production, as well as sustainable soil and waste management.

Look for the Fairtrade certification seal and help support a more sustainable world, just by enjoying your favourite treat! 

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PRANA Matcha chocolate bark

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Hazelnuts and crispy rice 40% chocolaty bark


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PRANA Maca and corn flakes chocolate bark

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