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Organic Fair Trade Ground Ceylon True Cinnamon

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Certified fair trade, Cha’s organic ground cinnamon is made from 100% true Ceylon cinnamon, the finest type of cinnamon. Compared to the most common Cassia cinnamon, Ceylon cinnamon awakens your tastebuds to more complex flavours and a slightly sweeter taste. It adds just the right balance of spice to all your recipes!

Fair Trade Gluten Free Gmo Free Organic Vegan

Rich in antioxidants, cinnamon is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Some studies have also shown it might have positive effects on blood sugar.

Carefully grown and cared for in a biodiverse spice garden by small-scale producers in Sri Lanka, Cha’s organic ground cinnamon is peeled from the inner bark of the cinnamomum verum shrub and ground into a fine powder.


Organic fair trade Trade ceylon true cinnamon.


Sri Lanka


Keep in a cool dry place, well sealed.

Culinary Uses & Recipes

Cinnamon is found in many traditional spice blends. You can add it to your tagines, sauces, stews and curries. It also marries wonderfully with apple and squash, apple sauces and other desserts.

Nutritional facts

Nutritional facts

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