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Organic Quick-cooking Oat Flakes

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Our Organic Certified Gluten-free Quick-cooking Oat Flakes are a must for a tasty, nutritious breakfast. Easy to prepare, they are the first ingredient in the popular "overnight" oatmeal. They’re high in fibre and nutrients, making them a staple for your vegan pantry. These flakes are finer and smaller than regular oatmeal, which considerably reduces their cooking time.

Gluten Free Gmo Free Organic Vegan Kosher

Organic Quick-cooking Oat Flakes are good for more than making delicious bowls of oatmeal: they’re also rich in phosphorus, magnesium and zinc. They’re also a source of iron and a good source of vitamin B1. Their soluble and insoluble fibre content makes them a nutritious, easy-to-digest food.

Our organic oat flakes are proudly derived from Canadian agriculture.


Organic gluten free whole grain oats.




Store in a cool and dry place.

Culinary Uses & Recipes

Organic Quick-cooking Oat Flakes have the advantage of a quick preparation time. Since flakes are smaller than whole oats, you can make overnight oatmeal to eat cold or as a snack the next morning, at home or at the office. You can cook them quickly in a saucepan in some water or vegetable milk, or even put them in the microwave for on-the-go goodness on busy mornings. Organic oat flakes can be added to thicken soups and increase the protein value of your dishes. You can also stir them into chewy granola bars or oatmeal cookies when baking.

Nutritional facts

Nutritional facts

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