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Organic Sencha Nagashima - Tea box

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This Sencha green tea is a must.

With fruity and herbal aromatic touches, this tea is a classic with an essential taste. A nutty and warm finish will complete perfectly your tasting.

This box contains 50g of tea. Inside, the tea is vacuum sealed to retain freshness and to assure authenticity.


Produced by the Morishita brothers at Isagawa tea farming cooperative in Shizuoka, it sets high the Japanese standards for highly drinkable, daily type green teas.

The scent of Camellia Sinensis tea sends you straight to Asia and its mountains carved into terraces, its diversity, its cuisine, its aromas. Of impeccable quality and sublime freshness, each tea is carefully selected by one of the founders, all connoisseurs that are completely passionate abou tea.

"The Japanese Genmai Cha, with its roasted rice scent, is the tea that accompanies me every morning and that announces a promising day. This ritual sometimes makes me nostalgic of my early twenties when I was living in Japan and where I was introduced to the amazing tea culture. For our e-boutique, we selected teas that will appeal to both occasional drinkers and to more experienced ones "- Marie-Josée, co-founder of PRANA.



Sencha tea leaves.



Culinary Uses & Recipes

1 tsp of tea for 250 ml of water. 75°C for 3-4 minutes.

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