Think of your best memories of being a kid in the summer and trying to cool down. If you lived in the city or suburbs, there was always the achingly hot walk to the local pool (but oh, how good did that first dip in feel?). Maybe if you were in the country or at the cottage, there was a lake or swimming hole nearby. Save that, you could try a good run through the sprinkler, or the spray from a friendly neighbour’s garden hose.

But, by far the most delicious way to cool off on a hot summer day was with a popsicle! Whether homemade or pulled from the depths of a freezer at the corner store, there’s something about a popsicle that can’t be beat. And although there’s a special place in our hearts for the water-y, sticky popsicles of our childhood, we’ve got some seriously rich, creamy, healthy, fruity, and fresh popsicle recipes that’ll have all of your family and friends racing to your freezer, whether they’re 8 years old or 88 years old!

strawberry avocado popsicleWhen you pull out your popsicle molds, the first instinct might be just to pour some fruit juice in and call it a day, but – there are so many delicious ingredients which you might already have in your cupboard that’ll really up your popsicle game and impress anyone lucky enough to take a peek in your freezer. The prettiest, most pin-able popsicles are usually layered, and there’s no summer colour combo quite like pink and green that you’ll see in our recipe for avocado, strawberry, and ProactivChia popsicles. A creamy, green avocado-coconut-lime flavoured layer is topped with a fresh, pink strawberry and ProactivChia layer for a popsicle that’s a treat for the tastebuds and the eyes! In fact, try a popsicle made with chia just once and you’ll see why we find it hard not to add this super-nutritious superfood to every one of our recipes!


matcha popsiclesWith myriad health benefits, the crunchy texture and neutral flavour of chia seeds make them a great addition to any popsicle recipe. Chia seeds are full of Omega-3 fatty acids, which, among other benefits, is necessary for brain health, and can help with the development of the brain in childhood. What other popsicle ingredient can boast that! But not every popsicle needs to be made just for kids, and our matcha, chia, and coconut popsicle has a distinctly delicious flavour that’s sure to be a hit with a more mature crowd. On top of the many benefits of chia, matcha tea powder is also a health powerhouse - it’s a great source of antioxidants, and in particular, a type of antioxidant known as catechins, which are relatively rare, and are a powerful disease-fighter. Plus, the caffeine in matcha doesn’t give you the jolt or jitters that coffee does - it’s released more slowly, giving you a lasting energy boost for a long summer day of fun and sun. Our recipe for matcha, chia, and coconut popsicles combines the crunch of chia with the fresh, bright taste of matcha and the summer-y flavour of coconut. And it’s gorgeous, pale-green colour makes it just as much of a treat for the eyes!

Chia seeds actually originated in Mexico and were a staple crop in Aztec and Mayan societies. So it’s fitting that we used chia seeds in our recipe for mango, chia, and turmeric popsicles, a recipe whose flavour closely resembles that of Mexico’s version of popsicles, called paletas! Paletas are sold in Mexico and parts of the United States by palateros – street sellers who sell them from a pushcart. They come in a variety of fresh, fruity flavours, but one of our favorites has a combo of mango and chili powder.

mango-chia-turmeric popsicles

The addition of a bit of spice is a delicious way to mix up any popsicle recipe, and in our recipe, turmeric is used, which deepens the beautiful orange hue of the popsicles and adds a bit of a kick in the flavour department. Turmeric is also a great anti-inflammatory, so use this popsicle to cool down after your next game or bike ride or even yoga session!

java-popNow, having a few popsicles on hand that are bursting with superfoods is fine, but sometimes, you need a rich and creamy treat to rival any milkshake or sundae. Fresh and fruity are fantastic attributes in a popsicle, but don’t pick a favorite until you try this incredibly sweet, chocolate-y recipe. You’ll have to fight off the chocoholics and java fiends in your life with a stick when you have our coffee, hazelnut butter, and chocolate popsicles in your freezer. The creamy interior of this popsicle is made with coffee or espresso and hazelnut butter, which is enveloped by a sinfully delicious dark chocolate and coconut oil coating. Rolling it in chopped hazelnuts ups the nutty, crunchy factor and makes it look even more tempting. We’ll understand if you have to get a lock for your freezer once your loved ones taste this popsicle. Now, if you haven’t already got up and dusted off your popsicle molds by now, what are you waiting for? There’s only so much summer left, and so many popsicle recipes to try!