Cooking vegan meals for yourself daily is relatively easy, but we know that the more people sit at the table, the more complicated it gets! Here are a bunch of recipes for dishes that serve a crowd and that will definitely charm even the pickiest eaters, and satisfy even the most tenacious cravings. Enjoy the colours, the smells, the tastes and textures, but most of all, enjoy the time spent together!

Festive appetizers

Sweet potato bites with guacamole and almond salsa

PRANA muhammara with walnuts

Roasted red pepper muhammara with walnuts

PRANA vegan cheese ball

Vegan cheese ball with dill, cranberries and pumpkin seeds 

PRANA veggie pâté

Lentil, quinoa and sunflower seed pâté 

PRANA Sundried tomato focaccia

Sundried tomato focaccia with olives and walnuts

Hot vegan mains & sides

PRANA mushroom vegan pot pie

Wild mushroom & cashew vegan pot pies

PRANA stuffed acorn squash

Stuffed acorn squash

PRANA vegetable tart

Vegetable tart with mushrooms and sunflower seeds

PRANA mushroom miso risotto

Mushroom and miso risotto

PRANA maple-roasted squash

Maple-roasted squash

Decadent plant-based treats

PRANA Amandine oat snacking cake

Amandine oat snacking cake

PRANA Creamy cacao pie with pecan crust

Creamy cacao pie with pecan crust

PRANA Coconut milk panna cotta

Coconut milk panna cotta with field berries

PRANA Vegan molten chocolate cake

Vegan molten chocolate cake

PRANA Roast fruit

Roast fruit and maple-roasted nuts


Happy Holidays, and happy hosting!