At PRANA, the reduction of our environmental impact is at the heart of our social and environmental mission. Within that context, it has become important to calculate in the most precise way our greenhouse gas emissions, in order to offset them. Since carbon neutrality is a relatively recent concept rather than a certification, and there is to this date no official calculation matrix, we had to develop our own way to tally up our greenhouse gas emissions along with Ellio, the sustainability consulting agency that helped us with our life cycle analysis and validated our calculations.

Our emissions come from several main activities:

  • The use of natural gas;
  • The use of company vehicles (our Goodnessfalia and hybrid cars);
  • The use of any other vehicle for our business trips;
  • Our electricity consumption.

For 2017, the first year that we started measuring our greenhouse gas emissions, they added up to 199 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), 131 of them coming from our use of natural gas and therefore automatically offset by SPEDE (Quebec's Emissions' Rights Regulatory System). 

In order to offset the 68 remaining tons of CO2, we collaborated with Arbre Évolution, an organism that spearheads research and reforestation projects, and works on raising awareness about sustainable forestry. With their help, we established we needed to plant 324 trees. Along with our will to become carbon neutral, it was also important to us to sensitize our employees, business partners and future generations to this subject. We therefore decided to participate in a social reforestation project involving young students at a green school called La Brocquerie, located in Montreal’s South Shore.

All in all, over 200 students and 70 PRANA employees and partners participated in this activity. Together, we planted a total of 324 trees and 100 bushes last Friday, May 11th, under a great blue sky and with joy in our hearts. The tree-planting was preceded by a conference on the role of greenhouse gases and trees on climate change presented by two agricultural landscaping experts.

And so, it’s official: PRANA has offset all of the greenhouse gas emissions for its activities for the year 2017. We look forward to doing the same for years to come, along with all the other initiatives that have become a key part of our social and environmental missions and B Corp certification!

Here are some of our favourite moments from the activity:

PRANA Carbon Neutrality PRANA Carbon Neutrality PRANA Carbon Neutrality PRANA Carbon Neutrality PRANA Carbon Neutrality PRANA Carbon Neutrality PRANA Carbon Neutrality PRANA Carbon Neutrality PRANA Carbon Neutrality

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