Is there a better way to celebrate summer and long days than by having a cookout with your favourite people? If you’re vegan, this doesn’t have to be complicated at all,. There are so many gorgeous in-season veggies just begging to spend some time on your grill. Skewered, made into burger patties, or just brushed with a bit of oil and thrown on as is, they’re simple, wholesome and most importantly, delicious!

1. BBQ portobello burger with kale, basil and hemp pestoBBQ portobello burger with kale, basil and hemp pesto

Meaty, flavourful portobello mushrooms are the lazy cook’s favourite burger patties. Just marinate for half an hour, then grill them until they become perfectly tender. Not bad, huh?

2. BBQ grilled vegetable salad with croutonsBBQ grilled vegetable salad with croutons

Did you know you can make croutons on the BBQ? This rainbow-coloured, smoky panzanella-style veggie salad is as delicious as it is easy to prep! 

3. BBQ sweet potatoes with crunchy nut & herb sauceBBQ sweet potatoes with crunchy nut & herb sauce

Sliced, delicately spiced and quickly grilled, these sweet potatoes are all dressed up with a simple sauce made with olive oil, fresh herbs, chopped almonds and crunchy seeds.

4. Marinated tofu and grilled veggie skewersMarinated tofu and grilled veggie skewers

These skewers are super tasty, colorful and ridiculously easy to make. We love using fresh zucchini when it’s in season, but really, any vegetable will work great!

5. BBQ stuffed avocado with herbed quinoa and seedsBBQ stuffed avocado with herbed quinoa and seeds

A grilled avocado is great, but one that’s been grilled and then stuffed with a quinoa salad packed with fresh herbs is even better!

Happy barbecue season, happy summer and happy feasting!