Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping method used to wrap gifts and to carry items, food or clothing. In Japanese, Furoshiki means “bath spread” because it was used to wrap one’s clothes while at public bath houses.

If you ask us, Furoshiki is the perfect way to wrap gifts. Not only isIt is environmentally friendly, reusable, super easy to use, but it's also beautiful. Depending on the shape of your gift, you can choose from the many different styles of furoshiki wrapping. Below, however, we will show you just one of the many different ways Furoshiki can be applied to your holiday gifts this year.

Make sure to choose the pattern that speaks to you for that extra personal touch this holiday season!

1. Choose your jar and pick a piece of square fabric large enough to wrap around it. Place the jar in the middle of the fabric square.

PRANA - Furoshiki step 1

2. Pick up two corners situated diagonally from each other. Tie the corners together tightly. You will see that you have two “bunny ears”.

PRANA - Furoshiki step 2

3. Hide the “ears” by tucking them under the knot.

PRANA - Furoshiki step 3

4. Repeat the process with the two remaining corners, and tie tightly.

PRANA - Furoshiki step 4

5. You’re done! That wasn’t so hard, was it?

PRANA - Furoshiki step 5

6. All that's left to do is attach a tag using some string, and write down the instructions and name of the recipient!

PRANA - Furoshiki step 6