When it's hot out, the last thing we'd want to do is turn on the oven- but that doesn’t mean you have to go without a sweet treat!

That’s right, we’ve got the best desserts that don’t call for any baking, turning on stove-tops or anything like that. These 17 raw, super-refreshing and 100% plant-based desserts will blow your mind and satisfy all your sugar cravings!

1. Cashew, coffee and chocolate chip vegan ice creamCashew coffee chocolate vegan ice cream

2. Avocado chocolate mousseAvocado chocolate mousse

3. Frozen squares with nuts, dried apricots and coconutFrozen squares with apricots and coconut

4. Raw berry tarts with coconut creamRaw berry tarts with coconut cream

5. Creamy cacao pie with pecan crustCreamy cacao pie with pecan crust

6. Parfait with raw brownie and coconut mousseCashew coffee chocolate vegan ice cream

7. Dessert chia pudding parfait with coconut milk and mangoDessert chia pudding with coconut milk and mango

8. Raw mini carrot cakes with orange blossom cashew icingRaw carrot cakes and cashew icing

9. Coconut chia pudding with fruit coulisCoconut chia pudding with fruit coulis

10. Cacao and nut energy ballsCacao and nut energy balls

11. Banana-lucuma nice creamBanana-lucuma nice cream

12. Avocado-strawberry ProactivChia popsiclesAvocado strawberry ProactivChia popsicles

13. Raspberry, lime and coconut cheesecakeRaspberry lime coconut cheesecake

14. Choco-banana chia parfait with Algarve chocolate barkChoco-banana chia parfait with Algarve chocolate bark

15. Mango strawberry popsicles with coconut chipsMango strawberry coconut popsicles

16. Strawberry-banana nice creamStrawberry banana nice cream