Food brings people together. Food gets people talking. Food gets people excited. Passionate. Hungry. And hopefully, hungry for change. At PRANA, we understand how our food choices can help build a better, healthier world; that is why we we made it our mission to encourage people to take a stand for real food. How do we do this?

We create useful and actionable goodness charts

PRANA charts and ebooks

We realized that a big part of our impact on the health of our customers and of our planet was homegrown, so we started creating easy reference charts to inspire others to make better food choices. Discover them all here!

We share yummy plant-based recipes

prana plant-based recipes

And well, what better way to give people a boost in the kitchen than to help them make yummy healthy recipes that the whole family can enjoy? Surprising skeptics and omnivores on the flavour of plant-based dishes has an incredible power to spark change. Browse through our recipes here!

We foster good food education in festivals and events

PRANA at events and festivals

By setting up sample stands at consumer shows like Expo Manger Santé, offering nut mixes and chocolate barks to events, and driving our trusty ‘Goodnessfalia’ van to events like Osheaga (Montreal) and B Inspired music and food festival (Toronto), we’re bringing people together, getting them talking and getting them excited for a fresh and flavourful future.

We inspire our employees to take action

PRANA team activities

At Prana HQ, we empower our employees with food education so that they can themselves sow the seeds of change through example. Here are some of our employee initiatives: 

  • Organic snacks in the kitchen;
  • Cooking classes;
  • Anti-food waste workshops;
  • Compost programs;
  • Gardening classes.

We are starting the snacktivism movement

We are set on changing the world by fixing the food system, but we can’t do this alone. We need to join forces with people and brands who have the same goal. Because the more we take a stand together, the closer and quicker we will get to creating real change. This movement - which PRANA is all about - that’s snacktivism.

In short, with every PRANA snack you purchase, you take a stand for real food. Find out more about our mission as a snacktivist brand and join the conversation on our Facebook page!