We are staunch defenders of wholesome, authentic food, but that doesn't mean what we eat is boring. In fact, we have a known and well-documented penchant for decadent, comforting meals made with quality ingredients that warm us up from the inside. Here are our favourite comfort food recipes, straight from the archives!

1. Cashew and squash vegan mac and cheese

PRANA vegan mac and cheese

2. Vegan cashew-based "butter" tofu

PRANA Vegan butter tofu

3. Shepherd's pie with sweet potatoes, lentils and tempeh

PRANA vegan shepherd's pie

4. Zucchini and vegan ricotta cannelloni

PRANA Zucchini and vegan ricotta cannelloni

5. Vegan sloppy joes

PRANA Vegan sloppy joes